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Gwynne Eichman won First Place at the 2023 Sigma Xi Research Poster

Competition for Undergraduate Students on her capstone project on “Development of Hybrid Implicit-Explicit Solvation Energy Method Applied to Non-aqueous Redox Flow Battery

Active Materials”

Benjoe Rey Visayas received the award for research by a graduate student for his dissertation work on an integrated computational framework for the development of redox flow battery active materials

Check the article here:

Get ready to discover the secrets of polymer electrolyte-based electric double-layer supercapacitors (EDLCs)! This paper unveils the atomic structure of the polymer electrolyte-electrode interface, providing a deeper understanding of the phenomenon that has puzzled researchers for years. With molecular dynamics simulations, the study reveals unique EDL structures and explains the lower capacitances observed in polymer electrolytes, offering exciting possibilities for more efficient, flexible, and wearable energy storage applications.

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